Design Services

1. Initial Project Meeting/Receipt of Plans Remodel/Walk-in Client

If the project is a remodel or a request from a walk-in or call-in client the initial meeting will take place on site or at the Lone Pine Cabinet Design Center. At this time our designer will gather all of the necessary information to understand the overall scale and scope of your project as well as establishing the client’s needs.

New Build:

If the project is a new build or a site that does not have immediate access, floor plans and initial design selections will be requested to be provided by the builder or client.

2. Initial Field Measurement

If the project site is available a project manager will schedule a time to conduct an on-site field measurement of any areas and or spaces that are included within the scope of work for the project.

3. Preliminary Design and Estimate

Using all of the information gathered from the client and the field measurement the designer will prepare an initial set of layouts and budget specifying wood species, door styles, finishes, and designs of each individual space within the scope of work.

4. Design Process

Following the preliminary estimate stage the designer will request any questions or feedback from the client. A follow up meeting with the client will be scheduled to discuss any changes to the overall design and any necessary revisions to the layouts or pricing will be conducted at this time.

5. Final Measurement

Once the overall designs have been established and the site is past the stage of 4-way inspection a final field measurement will be conducted by the project manager.

6. Final Design Meeting

After all of the measurements on the layouts have been verified and there are no additional changes to the designs or the scope of work, the designer will schedule a final meeting with the client to review all of the selections and to receive sign-off for approval on both the layouts and the quotation. All selections must be verified at this time. If any additional changes take place during or prior to the Final Design Meeting an additional revision will be submitted to the client for approval.

7. Kick Off to Shop

Once the designs have been finalized and approved by the customer the designer will set a time to review the overall scope of work with the programmer and shop foreman. The job folder including all necessary documents will be given to the programmer at this time.